Every time the weather is great, nothing feels better than relaxing near your fireplace with your family and friends. But, troublesome pests could interfere with your great times once they gather in and around your fire pit. Luckily, there are a lot of methods you can actually do to minimize the number of pests latched to your fire pit that can help you to totally enjoy the fire’s warmth. 901 Pest Control has some tips to prevent having pests near your fire pit: 

Minimize standing water 

It is common for property owners to draw out one just of water as a safety measure. But, once you leave it unattended, that water container could be a great source of a breeding ground for pests. Particular creatures, such as the mosquitoes, like standing water as they utilize it as an area where they lay their eggs and this could make your problem worse. Because of this, you should restrict the number of standing water around your fire pit. You can do this by leaving your water containers indoors or putting a lid on it. 

Manage your firewood 

Similarly, as to how mosquitoes love the standing water, carpenter ants and termites also love to burrow into soft and damp wood. Once you fail to maintain your pile of firewood properly, it could become a living place for a group of pests eventually. 

You should clear out any remaining wood fragments after every fire in your pit. This way, you can remove nesting places for termites. The manner you keep your firewood can make a great difference as well when it comes to enticing pests. It is recommended to rotate your firewood and utilize the oldest pieces first because they are the closest to rot. Also, you shouldn’t keep your woodpile stacked against your garage or your house because it can make easy access from the pile into your pests’ home. 

Clean up after yourself 

There are a lot of ways to boost the fun during a fire session such as making smores or toasting marshmallows with your kids or having a drinking session with friends. However, after you are done for the activities you had, you should never forget to clean up any leftover food or trash if there’s any. Once you leave this debris around your fire pit, it could be an invitation for pests to infest that area, a container of half-empty beer or some discarded marshmallows. The longer you keep this trash near your fire pit, the bigger the chances that your pests can show up. Hence, you should guarantee to maintain the area that surrounds your fire pit after you are done. 

If it gets worse 

There are times when we still can encounter pests, such as termites and mosquitoes even if you follow all of the steps stated above. This could place a severe damper on your capability to relax and use your own backyard. Once this occurs, you should contact an expert right away. If you are looking for the best ones, Allied Pest Control is the answer.